Toning & Detox Cleansing Lotion - 125ml

Toning & Detox Cleansing Lotion - 125ml

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The essential oils in this lotion are wonderful in cleansing as they are fresh and uplifting, which helps detoxify and tone the skin.

The oils in this lotion are Hydrophobic, which means that the oil repels water and attracts oil and dirt.

Once the cleansing lotion is applied to the skin the Hydrophobic molecules attaches to the oil and dirt and loosens the dirt from the skin and in turn allow the water to remove the dirt easily.

How to use: Massage the lotion into the skin and remove with damp cotton or warm cloth. This lotion is a great eye makeup remover too


Castor Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Olivem 1000

Distilled Water


Vitamin E Oil

Sweet Orange Ess. Oil

Rose Geranium Ess. Oil