About Us

We make natural & organic skincare products!!

The kind that enriches and nourishes your skin

All natural and organic, handmade with affection and care. At ardra we believe that nature provides us with all the ingredients to care for and nourish our body and skin. We are particularly proud of the quality of our products and the range of goodness of the ingredients used. We strongly believe in the healing properties of the essential oils combined with the smooth hydrating characteristics of the butters and carrier oils. With this in mind and heart we bring the careful blends of ardra skincare range to you.


Green is just one of the meanings of the Sanskrit term ARDRA, it also means rejuvenation and revival which is all that Ardra passionately stands for. All our products are made with pure natural and organic ingredients. The heavenly scent that comes from our Body Butters, Lotion Bars and Loofah Soaps is all from the pure organic Essential oils used in their making. No artificial fragrances and chemicals are used here.

"Go Natural, Go Organic, Go ardra"

The need to go green is not only about what is applied on our skin but also to do with what we wash off into the environment. Our move away from the city and into the Brynderwyn Hills has only emphasized our love for Nature and renewed our appreciation of beauty.